General Email Configuration Settings

Email Configuration Settings
Secure POP3 Server:secure.cnchost.com2
Secure POP3 Server port:9952
Incoming POP3 Server:pop3.[domain_name]
Incoming POP3 Server port:110
Secure Outgoing SMTP Server: 1, 2
Outgoing SMTP Server:smtp.[domain_name]
Outgoing SMTP Server port:25 (optionally 587) 3
Email address:[user_name]@[domain_name]
1 Do not use .
2 Recommended for security purposes.
3 Port 587 may be used if port 25 is being blocked.
   Note: port 587 doesn't work for secure connections in Outlook Express.

Note: You must also enable SMTP Authentication for your email client to send outbound email. We have specific settings for the following clients: Thunderbird, Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, Mozilla, Entourage and Mac OS X.

There is an optional setting to use if your domain isn't pointing to our nameservers. This may not work if you are using custon DNS records in DNS Manager. You can add to end of your normal setting as in the following examples:
Incoming POP3 Server:pop3.[domain_name]
Outgoing SMTP Server:smtp.[domain_name]

SSL Mail - For greater security email is encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol from your email client to our email servers.

TLS - Transport Layer Security - a protocol that greatly increases privacy and data integrity between email clients and servers communicating over the Internet.

SMTP Authentication - a security feature that requires the use of a username and password to authenticate before sending email through our hosting mail servers.

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